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about katie...

How I became a therapist

I felt so alone in my earlier years, so depressed, super anxious, battling an eating disorder and substance abuse issues.  My life felt chaotic, out of control, and like I was shackled to the behaviors I had come to be utterly dependent on. It was through that suffering and struggle that I found therapy - it saved my life and gave me access to the freedom I desperately desired.

I want to share this with others - the possibility to be free, to shift the chaos to clarity, and reconnect with your internal curiosity and compassion.  We all have these inside of us, and they are the key to shifting our external worlds. We can have the life we want, the relationships we want, the job we want, and the healing we long for deep inside.



my approach to therapy (And life!)

As human beings, we long to be understood; we also need to have practical skills for navigating life. That’s what I do: I make space for you to feel heard, understood and seen while also jumping in with practical guidance along the way. To do this, I truly listen to a person, attune to their strengths and their needs, and then use my tools and wisdom to provide them with individualized support.

I bring my whole self, my whole heart, to my work with clients.  I am transparent and authentic, gently direct, and do not blame or shame.  Most of all I bring a depth of curiosity and compassion to every human I meet!

You can do this. I can help.

You have the inherent ability to live the life that you want. Recovery, healing, clarity, order, whatever word you put to what you want in your life, you can do it, achieve it and feel it deeply in your bones.  I would be honored to be a part of getting the life you want and so deserve!



  • BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of San Francisco

  • Internship San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, 2 years

  • Internship San Francisco Unified School District, Lowell High School, 1 year

  • Therapist at The Lotus Collaborative, Eating Disorder Recovery Center, 4 years

  • Level 1 Trained in Internal Family Systems therapy

    • To learn more about Internal Family Systems and how I use this in my practice, go to Therapy Services here

  • Trained in Body Positive Group Curriculum, learn more here.