Own Your Body

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I am excited to announce the start of a Body Positive group out of my practice, Santa Cruz Therapy with Katie.  Own Your Body is starting in April, and I am looking for a few more participants to join this closed 8 week long group.  My passion for supporting folks heal and recover from wounded relationship with food and body is deep! So it is with great honor and open heart I share this group with you.


  • 8 week group

  • Wednesdays 5:30-7

  • Cost $175

  • Start date: beginning of April

  • Location - 340 Soquel Ave, Ste 207

  • Group size: 4-5 participants plus group leader

  • Group is open to people of all shapes, sizes and relationships to food

  • Focus on an inclusive, safe group space will be emphasized and held

Empower yourself and learn to love your body inside and out.

  • 5 core competencies will be explored to work toward personally identified goals:

    • Reclaim your health: identify messages that have influenced your relationship to body, food and exercise.  Develop weight neutral, health centered approach to self care.

    • Practice Intuitive Self-Care: Learn to listen to and follow your body’s intuitive wisdom.  Acquire tools and resources to help you eat, exercise and live intuitively.

    • Cultivate Self-Love: Develop a practice of self-love.  Employ compassion, forgiveness, and humor as you leave behind the need for self-criticism.

    • Declare your own Authentic Beauty: Experience beauty as a creative, dynamic process.  Inhabit your unique body with joy and confidence.

    • Build Community: Connect to others as a shared positive approach to beauty, health, and identity.  Role model love and respect for your own body.

Through Katie’s work and training with the Body Positive (https://www.thebodypositive.org/), she is licensed to share their curriculum in group settings like this one.  Katie is tremendously compassionate, described as “real and authentic” by both clients and colleagues, and deeply believes people can find healing around food, body and exercise.  She believes in the work of The Body Positive, and is honored to share this group with the Santa Cruz community.